Animation Reel

African Accent English


Short Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer video - Swahili

The Kenya Death Penalty Swahili Voice Over

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English e-learning - Health - Deliver and B protected

Animated Video English with African Accent

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The Great Kenyan Bake-Off

TV commercial English voice over

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HIV Medicines in Africa

Explainer Animated Video English with African Accent

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COP 27 Corporate Video

Powering People GEAPP Video

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WHO Educational Video

WHO - Measuring early childhood development: gathering data to improve support for young children

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Swahili Demo

Swahili Demo Reel

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Commercial Voice Overs

Dynamic and captivating voice overs for commercials, capturing audiences' attention and delivering your message effectively.

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Narration Voice Overs

Engaging and articulate voice overs for narrations, bringing stories to life and captivating listeners with every word.

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E-Learning Voice Overs

Clear and professional voice overs for e-learning courses, ensuring learners have a seamless and effective educational experience.

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IVR Voice Overs

Warm and friendly voice overs for interactive voice response systems, providing a positive and professional caller experience.

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