Jennifer Eniye Kanari - Voice Over Actor

Professional African Voice Talent

Jennifer Eniye Kanari is a skilled and versatile African voice over artist with a passion for bringing scripts to life. With her captivating voice and impeccable delivery, she takes your project to the next level. From commercials and narrations to video games and animations, Jennifer's voice talent can enhance any type of content. With years of experience in the industry, she has worked with a wide range of clients, delivering high-quality voice overs that leave a lasting impression.

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Skelly Award Winner 2022 for the Best Character in the Animated Board Game, Deck of Wonders, for "Aurora".
Featured Character, The Healer, in the 2022 BAFTA nominated Video Game of the Year, The Forgotten City.

Guaranteed High Quality Audio - Available for Remote Direction

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Animation Reel

African Accent English


Short Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer video - Swahili

The Kenya Death Penalty Swahili Voice Over

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English e-learning - Health - Deliver and B protected

Animated Video English with African Accent

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The Great Kenyan Bake-Off

TV commercial English voice over

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HIV Medicines in Africa

Explainer Animated Video English with African Accent

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COP 27 Corporate Video

Powering People GEAPP Video

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WHO Educational Video

WHO - Measuring early childhood development: gathering data to improve support for young children

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Swahili Demo

Swahili Demo Reel

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Commercial Voice Overs

Dynamic and captivating voice overs for commercials, capturing audiences' attention and delivering your message effectively.

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Narration Voice Overs

Engaging and articulate voice overs for narrations, bringing stories to life and captivating listeners with every word.

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E-Learning Voice Overs

Clear and professional voice overs for e-learning courses, ensuring learners have a seamless and effective educational experience.

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IVR Voice Overs

Warm and friendly voice overs for interactive voice response systems, providing a positive and professional caller experience.

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A storyteller finds a gig :-)

One fine day in early 2001, while leaving an audition for my little 6 month old daughter, I heard an ad in production in the edit suite...that's the day I realized that commercials use "other people's voices" not the actual bank teller's! or the shop keeper's! or the mother of the boy with the skinned knee using Dettol! That's the day I discovered voice over. I recorded a demo a few days later and...many days later got my first call to audition; as an irate customer in a bank no less, lol...and booked my first character job. The rest is history.


From stories to glories

From telling my children stories to voicing for popular brands like Dettol, Nivea, Safaricom, and corporate clients like USAID, WaterAid, and World Vision, to my work as an Executive voice coach - my love for the art of voice continues to find expression through the interesting avenues that have come my way.


 Thank you again for your incredible work on this piece! We showed it here at COP27 to a room filled with world leaders and it left a great impression on everyone. 2022 

Stulberger, Evan
The Rockefeller Foundation

 Thank you for lending us your wonderful voice for our project. February 2022 

Ella J Godfrey

 Eniye was wonderful to work with, and the result was excellent. Thank you! 

Kate Savin
Narration Work : Project "Our City"

 Asked for a voice over for a feature explainer video. She did great job: very responsive, very fast. I'm a repeat customer. 

Marko Fuzu
Fuzu Online

 We so enjoyed working with her. She delivered the audio package earlier than expected and was delighted with the final result. Will absolutely use again. 

R.P Yaya
Vision Fund Video Narration

 Great quality recording and very easy to work with. Thank you! 

Voice Over Trans
Swahili E-learning Project

 Very professional. High quality audio and equally high quality service. Recommended! 

Safaricom App Swahili

 Thank you for the timely response and quick delivery! Love it!! 

Jonathan Wilk
CTI Communication

 Wow, *she* understood requirements and delivered above and beyond. Bilum - Legs4Africa 29th January, 2021 

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